The Mobile Net® BWIA ( Broadband Wireless Internet Access ) Platinum service was constructed to cater to the needs of small to medium sized by providing an great upload and download speeds for bandwidth intensive applications such as VoIP, Video Conferencing and larger emails while providing for a great browsing experience. The BWIA Platinum service is strongly recommended for small to medium enterprises with 1-8 computers online. With the BWIA Platinum service small enterprises can enjoy the benefits of a scalable architecture provided by the Mobile Net® platform, the voice capabilities and the add-on services which can lead to great savings and opportunities for your company. With our platform, we at Mobile Net® can help service your companies increasing internet demands as you grow without the need to change your infrastructure or our delivery method. This results in more savings for your organization along with a quick time to deploy.

If you are looking to enjoy increased download speeds and internet service at your residential location please look at our BWIA Gold Service or if your organization requires a custom internet solution including additional bandwidth, higher QoS (Quality of Service) or an SLA a please click here.
Mobile Net® is a registered Service Mark of IP Globalcom N.V.